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  Second Hand Pumps

Stock No. PUMPS006 - Second Hand Pump

Brand: Dynamic Pump Solutions

Dimensions: L2000mm x W700mm x H1550mm

Price: $1,100.00 inclusive of GST


Stock No. PUMPS004 - Unused Stalker Pump

Brand: Stalker Pumps - Model 200 x 150 - 400

Price: $1,100.00 inclusive of GST


Stock No. PUMPS001 - Never Used Submersible Pump

Brand: Grundfos - Model SPO 3-50 B

Price: $330.00 inclusive of GST


Stock No. PUMPS003 - Second Hand 3 Phase Pumps

Brand: KSB AJAX Pumps

Price: $1,980.00.00 each inclusive of GST

Photo 1.png

Stock No: PUMPS002 - Second Hand 75mm Transfer Pump

Make: Aussie Pumps - Serial number: N/A

Direct Coupled to Yanmar L100N6 Single Cylinder Diesel

Engine: 6.6KW

Price: $1,320.00 each inclusive of GST

2 available

 Buying and Selling Second Hand Equipment & Steel

Lot 8 Wirth Road - Charlton Queensland 4350 -  Just West of Toowoomba

Phone: 07 4630 4784 - Email:

Closed Weekends and Public Holidays

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