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  Second Hand Machines 


Stock No: MACHINES106 - Second Hand Yanmar Air Cooled Diesel Compressor

Year 2010 - Model L70N6-METMRYI  - Manufactured in Italy

Dimensions: 1350 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 900 mm (H)

​​Price: $1,980.00 inclusive of GST


Stock No: MACHINES105 - Second Hand Carba-Tec Dust Extractor

Year 2010 - Model FM300

Dimensions: L840mm x W650mm x H1400mm

(split in hose)

​Price: $220.00 inclusive of GST


Shark 282

Stock No: MACHINES104 - Second Hand Shark 282 Metal Band Saw

Cut width 280mm

Base dimensions: L1050mm x W700mm x H660mm

Saw dimensions: L1600mm x W500mm x H900mm

Price: $3,300.00 inclusive of GST



Stock No: MACHINES103 - Second Hand Hose Winder Detangler - Rotational

Dimensions: 3800mm x 2300mm x 1800mm high

Price: $8,800.00 inclusive of GST


Stock No: MACHINES102 - Second Hand Mobile Generator on Trailer

Dimensions: 5300mm x 2400mm x 1500mm high

Price: $6,600.00 inclusive of GST


Stock No: MACHINES101 - Second Hand Skid Mount Hose Winder

Dimensions: 7600mm x 2300mm x 2800mm high x approx 6 tonne

Price: $5,500.00 inclusive of GST


Stock No: MACHINES016 - Second Hand Emco Maximat V10-P Bench Lathe

Three Phase - Fixed/Traveling Steadies Face Plate - Four Jaw 150mm Chuck - Overall Bed Length 900mm - Centre Height 150mm - Speeds 60-2500RPM - Attached Mill Drill Speeds 120-2000RPM

Price: $4,400.00 inclusive of GST


Spitwater 1.png

Stock No: MACHINES012 - Second Hand Spitwater Hot/Cold Pressure Cleaner

Model: SW21200DE - Serial number: 17109148 - Hours indicated: 1790

Operating pressure: 3000 psi / 200 bar - Engine: 3 cylinder diesel

Extras: Estops - Isolators - Jump start receptacle - Fork slots

Price: $11,500.00 inclusive of GST



Stock No. MACHINES010 - Second Hand GEOWELL - WASH

Truck Wheel Wash - as is condition

Price = $18,000.00 inclusive of GST


Stock No. MACHINES001 - Second Hand Bag House Dust Collector

Filter Type: Sock - Bag numbers: 122 - Bag House: L3.3m x W3.2m x H5.6m (without cone)

Cone height: 3.7m - Volume: approx 70,000 litres

Price = $13,200.00



Stock No. MACHINES002 - Second Hand Bag House Dust Collector

Filter Type: Bag - Bag numbers: 60 - Bag House: L1.5m x W0.5m x H2.1m (without cone)

Cone height: Approx 1m - Blower Motor 37kw

Price = $4,500.00


Stock No. MACHINES003 - Second Hand Compressor

Brand: Atlas Copco GA-408 - Motor: WEG 37kw

Blower type: Lobe

Price = $4,180.00


Stock No. MACHINES006 - Second Hand Power Hacksaw

Cuts up to 300mm diameter pipe

Blade specifications: 700mm x 55mm - 6D

New controls fitted

Price = $1,100.00 inclusive of GST


Tumble Blast_1

Stock No. MACHINES007 - Second Hand Tumble Blast Cabinet

Inspections Welcomed

Price = $1,100.00 inclusive of GST


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