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Large corrugated culverts in stack 14 at NKF group pty ltd in Toowoomba QLD
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stock # 005H Culverts in kit form. Clip together pre-fab half sections. Affordable to buy, easy to transport as flat packs. These culverts are unused and in great condition. Two large sizes available. 21 pieces of any diameter will make a pipe 6m long across the top (longer across the bottom). One piece of any diameter is 645mm long (overlap on each joint is 40mm). click enquire at the top of the page to request a quote for a particular length.

Culvert assembly instructions:

look at the photo on The notches cut out of the corners on the end of each piece are all on the right. The right hand side of the picture is the upstream end of the completed pipe.

Put two pieces on the ground, with the right hand one overlapping the left hand one by one corrugation. Put the third piece on top (with the notches to the right) EXACTLY lining up as depicted in the photo. Make sure all the tabs along the edges go inside or outside correctly, use a big screwdriver to ease them in or out if needed. Sit on the top piece to squeeze the joints together or use some ratchet straps wrapped around the pipe to squeeze and hold the pieces in place.

Clip those three pieces together. Clips are inserted from the inside, squiggle end in one hole, then push the bottom of the "L" through the hole in the other piece. Use a short length of metal bar with a hole drilled through the end of it or a short length of small diameter pipe to bend the end of the clip over as depicted in the photo.

Adding more pieces to the downstream end of the pipe:

Tuck another culvert section UNDER the bottom two pieces on the downstream end of the pipe (left side in the photo) with the notches on the added piece to the right. place another section OVER the top piece on the downstream end of the pipe (left side in the photo) with the notches on the added piece to the right. Fasten as previously described.

Large corrugated culverts Large corrugated culverts

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